Diane got us TV coverage, and my business tripled immediately– both in person and online. I had no idea p.r. could make such a difference, and I was extremely surprised. Quarterly, I come to Hawaii and set up a pop-up store selling handcrafted jewelry. Dozens of new customers came to the store and actually said they wanted to visit after seeing the TV story. Diane’s efforts reflected a night-and-day difference in my business volume; I had to extend my show because of the demand."
-Enson Inoue, owner, Destiny Forever; former Shooto Heavyweight Champion, and UFC 13 Lightweight Tournament entrant in the Ultimate Fighting Championship

“Diane is a past member of the Pacific Century Fellows program, which instills leaders with a greater awareness and sensitivity to the people and institutions of Hawaii. I value that she has regularly provided us public relations help, securing us coverage on television, radio, and blogs. She goes the extra mile to ensure our success and that is very much appreciated. Once, I was to appear with another PCF member  on live television. He was admittedly camera shy. Being the consummate professional that she is, Diane brought him to the TV station to walk him through (an empty) studio, stand in front of the camera, and practice being interviewed. She coached him on how to speak, breathe, stand, and even how to dress. Sounds simple, but there is a bit of an art to being on camera. That’s a lot more detail and attention than usual, and it makes a difference in the quality of the final product.”
-Mufi Hannemann, Founder and Chairman, Pacific Century Fellows

I would absolutely entrust Diane to any of your p.r. needs. She’s creative, efficient, self-starting, and an out-of-the-box thinker who is constantly working for her client. We worked together at Halekulani Corporation, when I was the finance director and she was the public relations director. She infused an energy and enthusiasm into the job that I hadn’t seen before, and took us by surprise with immediate, and substantial results. She delivered those kinds of results throughout her tenure. Speaking as one whose job is to mind the company’s bottom line, I know her contributions exponentially increased our exposure and contributed positively to our corporation.”
-Glenn Yamashita, VP of Finance, Honolulu Cookie Company

“I want to thank Diane Ako for being an outstanding spokesperson and representative of our community, and for her energy and her classy stage presence. We worked together on a major event at the Hawaii Theatre, ‘Kataributai, An Evening of Mythology and Storytelling.’ We were very careful in our selection of the right emcee because of the high level of dignitaries invited: Her Imperial Highness Akiko from Japan, the Consul General of Japan, the former Ambassador of Japan, and former Governor of Hawaii and Mrs. George Ariyoshi. Diane added so much value to the program. We were delighted with her work. Diane is a wonderful professional communicator and emcee. She took her role seriously and exceeded our expectations while being a pleasure to work with. She was always reliable and really captured the mood of our event. She curated her remarks with great care and attention to detail. Diane was a true professional in every sense.”
-Mihoko Maier, organizer, Kataributai 2013

“Diane is an excellent writer, and one who I would hire for any of my p.r. needs. She wrote a feature profile on me that blew me away. It encapsulated the essence of who I am, what I’ve done, and where I want to go with my life, in a way that really amazed me. I’ve recommended her to other friends because I thought they could benefit from her work, and they, too, have been pleased. You can trust Diane to do the best job for you and to exceed your expectations.”
-Trey Terada, Hoku award winning producer