You look the same, Mommy

This is why I love my kid.

I found a framed set of photos of myself while cleaning Mom's house. It was photos I took in my late 20s, before I even had met my husband.

I was either going to let Claus have it for his desk, or remove my photos and put family pictures in the frame.

I'm not putting framed photos of myself on MY desk. That's lame.

He claimed it, so as I was headed to his home office, I passed my kid. I showed her the photos and said laughingly, "Look at Mommy before the ravages of time and obligation wore me down."

She regarded it and said, "You look the same, Mommy."

Ooh. I don't, but I appreciate that. And someone is getting whatever they ask for today!

Photos: Don Takara

Photos: Don Takara