What does it mean when husband is "wedging out"?

Claus' first language is Danish, so in all honestly, I do cut him a lot of slack. I admire anyone who's truly bilingual, as he is. Still, it's funny to good-naturedly rib him. 

Reference point for Americans: Danish is a Germanic language so they pronounce the v's and the w's similarly. He has always gotten words with v and w mixed up. 

My most favorite is to get him to pronounce VW ("wee-w") as in Volkswagen, then laugh and laugh. At this point in our long relationship, I have to trick him into saying it because he knows what I'm up to.

The other night he was really tired and told me he was "wedging out." (Vegging out.) I love it!

The following are a list of photos as to what he could possibly mean:

Wedge heels
Getting a wedgie?
Diane Ako