Story on tattooist wins first place, features blogs, in statewide contest

I believe you do what you love, and the rewards will follow. Last fall, I wrote a story about my cousin Andrew “Sado” Wong, a tattoo artist of noteworthiness.

I did it because I’ve thought for years he’s interesting, but of course, neither of us had time to sit down and interview, between working and raising our families. Finally, in my quiet time between jobs, I sat down and talked to him. He happened to be in a quieter time of his life, as well.

It’s a story borne out of love and respect, and after I wrote it, I liked it. I entered it in this year’s annual statewide journalism writing contest held by one of our industry’s leading organizations, the Society of Professional Journalists – Hawaii Chapter.

This weekend, it took first place for best features blog. The judges liked my “thorough reporting, rich details, and lots of photos.” That’s an honor. This is a peer-judged competition.

I wrote it on another website,, a collective of communications professionals and friends who blog for fun. I appreciate the community and fellowship there, and I like the web admins, Russ Sumida and Melissa Chang. I continue to maintain a blog presence there, as well as here.

The link for the winning blog, if you’d like to read it, is at:

I’m grateful and humbled to win recognition for a story that was already rewarding to research and tell!

Screenshot from video presentation at SPJ award ceremony.