Profiteroles threaten mom’s status as favorite

I had Date Night with my daughter at Baci Bistro, and we had profiteroles for dessert. It was good, but I knew it would be. They also make a cheesecake so delicious, my friend Mari Fran declared she wanted to marry it.

Profiteroles are cream puffs filled with vanilla gelato and topped with chocolate sauce. Mari Fran can have the cheesecake. I’m going to marry the profiteroles.

Olivia loved them. I let her have two-thirds of the dessert, even though she only weighs one-third of the dining party. That right there is a mother’s love.

At the day’s end, we always review our highlights, with gratitude for something to be happy about. Today it was dessert.

“The profiteroles are 75% of my good day! You’re the other 25%,” decided my ten-year-old.

Now, I’m confused, because I was told my status as Most Favored Mother meant I would never drop past 50% of what constituted her good day. I was promised my poll ratings always ranged between 50 to 75%, but never, ever dropped below 50 percentage points.

Aghast at this historically low approval rating, I pushed back and questioned the decision making process and why she felt the need to walk it back.

Olivia clarified without hesitation that in a normal situation, yes, I merit higher ratings, but exceptions must be made when chocolate is in play. In those cases, chocolate would have to trump all.

So I have lost to profiteroles. I guess that’s about the natural order of things.