Olivia’s first swim meet

My daughter competed in her first swim meet this month. We’re very proud of her.

She swam a 25 fly, 25 free, and a relay IM. She did well, and she had fun.

I am so grateful she does the one sport that I understand (ha ha). I swam (poorly) in high school. 

Her dad swam (really well) through university, trained as an Olympics-hopeful, then transitioned to a Division I swim coach for seven years.

He offers her tips on occasion, but is mostly hands off, not wanting to be overbearing. He’s mostly encouraging.

We sat in the stands and I found myself having a lot of fun watching the heats, cheering her teammates, and chatting with the other parents. I like that I can be there for her, because I was at a boarding school and I don’t remember anyone coming to my meets. That provided me unexpected fulfillment.

She will never understand how special it is to have this normal life that she takes for granted, and that's OK.

Go, Olivia!

Go, Olivia!