Olivia’s first job is petsitting

Olivia’s dream job right now is to be paid to care for animals. Our nice neighbors, Ben and Cara, took a trip and hired her to do that, much to her delight.

She brought over her notebook the day Cara debriefed her on how to care for the animals. There is a cat named Claude and a dog named Lexi.

We went over twice a day to attend to the pets, and spent extra time in the evening to make sure the dog had socialization. Lexi is an old Labrador, and oddly, does not get along with our dog, who is also an old Labrador. Too bad we couldn’t just bring Lexi over to join the family.

I was very impressed with how Olivia showed extreme responsibility. She insisted I not help her very much because she wanted it to be all her doing.

The dog was always happy to see us, but the cat is neurotic and didn’t love new people. Claude would often stay hidden while we were over.

I think he got angrier the more days his owners were away, because he became more scarce as time went by. Finally, near the end of the trip, he actually took a revenge poop on the floor.

I have owned cats for much of my life. I know about cats. They’re really quirky.

We didn’t have time to pick it up in the morning, so we intended to clean it in the afternoon. The poop mysteriously disappeared. Unfortunately, the dog probably ate it.

I have owned dogs for decades. I know about dogs. They’re really not choosy about their edibles.

We told their owners about this, who agreed with my theories. Anyway. Everyone is well aside from that.

The neighbors came home. Their pets are happier for it. And Olivia has a marvelous sense of confidence from her first paying job that does not involve parent-distributed allowance. She’s ready to take new clients now. Ha!