No kids = good time

Olivia celebrated her tenth birthday with a pool/ slumber party. She invited nine guests, but some were boys, so six ended up sleeping over. It was a 24-hour affair. (That can be a loooong time for adults.)

The kids spent five hours in the pool, which was great for everyone. The six that remained overnight were pretty obedient about going to sleep on time (only one reminder).

In case you don’t know, having a movie ready for the kids – like the sleepovers you and I might recall- is a thing of the past! Everyone has a tablet or a smartphone.

Whatever you see them doing at home is the same thing they will do in a group. I limit tech time on a play date, but since this was her birthday, I was lenient.

Funny thing: I bought henna paste to make henna tattoos. It cost me about $3 at India Market Hawaii on 2357 S. Beretania Street. I’ve never done this and had no idea what to expect.

Best $3 of the party expenses! The tube lasts forever and it kept them occupied for hours. It wasn’t a contiguous period of time, but they kept going back to the henna paste over the course of the party to decorate themselves and their friends.

But I digress. When one of the mothers dropped her daughter off at the start of the event, I was distracted. I bade her farewell and said, “Have a good time!” Then I corrected myself, “Sorry. What am I thinking?”

She laughed and replied, “I have no kids tonight. I AM having a good time!”

Aaah, yes. She is right. Rub it in.