No job, no client too small! 

I’m kidding. Actually, one job and one potential client ARE too small. It’s my nine-year-old.

Olivia capped off her school year with a grade-wide project to replicate a business environment, so that the students learn about commerce, entrepreneurship, responsibility, and all the things that come with it. Each fourth grader (or team of students) had to come up with a business plan, a product or service to sell, market it, and man the booth the day of the event.

Olivia and her friend Keli`i partnered up to sell hurricane popcorn and customized manga drawings. It’s about as logical a pairing as the Chinese and Italian food buffets I remember being somewhat common on the East Coast, at least when I was living there.

They created a digital flyer and e-mailed it out to most of the kids in their grade via a school Intranet server. That’s good; a marketing e-mail blast. 

I was still getting this business together, and I showed Olivia my website after I made some big changes one day. She mulled over the page with the online contact form. 

“Can I write to you from my iPad, Mommy?” she asked. 

“Sure? Or you can just talk to me right now since I’m with you?” I questioned, unsure where this was going.

“OK. I’m going to set an appointment with you and hire you to help us publicize our booth,” she said. 

This kid! 

I have to admit, that’s pretty smart thinking. But still, no.