New Year’s cleanup unearths years-old toys

There’s something about ushering in 2018 that has made me really, really want to clean. I’m normally quite Marie Kondo about it anyway, but for some reason, I’m extra into tidying up this year. (It started at the end of 2017 and continues here in early 2018.)

Perhaps it started when we painted Olivia’s room as one of her Christmas presents. It was definitely the most expensive gift in terms of labor. I dreaded digging through ten years’ worth of kid crap. This was the first time in a decade (DON’T JUDGE) we’ve taken a vacuum to the corners and the edges of the walls, as well as under the bed. But it looks amazing and even feels lighter now.

I guess that inspired me. So when I went up to the attic to put away the Christmas decorations, I started looking into old boxes just to see if we still wanted all that clutter.

Firstly – and, GROSS – Olivia noticed a dead bird in the corner. Not just dead, but DEAD. Skeletal dead. How long has THAT been up there??

I discovered a box of Easter decorations I thought I already gave away. We’re too old for egg hunts now.

Then, I found a box labeled “birthday decorations” which I forgot about. I opened it.

Oh my gosh. It was all the favors from her third birthday. She is now ten.

The slime had dried up in their jars. The candy was all weird and melted. The balloons might be dead in their packages. Seven years, these things sat there in the heat of my attic.

To think, I gave my husband heat for forgetting dirty bags of dry cleaning in his closet for two years. I guess I can’t talk anymore.

On the bright side, I’m super set for a renewed and refreshed 2018. Maybe I’ve done so much cleaning, it could actually count for a couple year’s worth? 

2010: I put these party favors away and totally forgot about them for seven years.

2010: I put these party favors away and totally forgot about them for seven years.