Meditation lesson revealed truths better left unknown

I’m totally into this new method of mediation as prescribed by celebrity guru Light Watkins in his new book, Bliss More – How to Succeed in Meditation Without Really Trying. He basically gives me permission to do all the things I thought I wasn’t supposed to do in “traditional” mediation, which makes it very comfortable and enjoyable.

I get to slouch against a soft pillow and think about anything I want without feeling like a failure for thinking about something rather than nothing. It really makes the 20 minutes fly by.

What I think separates it from actual zoning out or daydreaming is the fact that I chant “om” in the beginning until my brain settles down, and I personally try to stay present. Instead of thinking about nothing, I think about sensations, sounds, and feelings in this moment. I also like to think about the colors of my chakras.

Anyhow, it really made a difference in my mood and energy in even the first few days of trying it! So much so, that I decided to commit to a daily habit (I’ve previously been an on-again, off-again meditator). I look forward to meditation in a way I never have.

My daughter noticed the difference, so I sang the praises of mediation. I know she’s not ready for it now as a hyper ten-year-old, but I told her one day when she’s older and she needs to relax, this is how to do it.

I explained the above paragraphs, and Olivia said, “Oh, I already do that in school when I’m bored with the teacher. So that’s called meditating?”

Hmm.  :(

We need to work on her meditation schedule.

We need to work on her meditation schedule.