Love letter to Sleep

Dear Sleep,
Just a little note to say how much I love you. I'm so glad you're back in my life.

Those few years when you weren't around were hard for me. I need you.

I can't live without you. I can't function without you.

I did some things that didn't put you first, and I was wrong. I forsaked you for others (Caffeine Drinks, Sugary Foods), but they were bad for me.

They made me feel good for a short while then let me down every time. I see that now.

You're what's best for me. Without you in my life, I laid awake at night and felt terrible the next day.

I'll never do that again. You're my priority.

I love spending time with you. I love when we hang out in bed, but the sofa's great, too. My favorite is when you visit and I can remember nothing until the next morning.

Although, you shouldn't see me at work. Nothing against you personally, because we also don't invite The Sandman or all those little sheep. If any of you came to a workplace it'd just be unproductive.

So, I'm glad we have a healthy relationship again. You make me feel so wonderful. You're the best!

Love, Me

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