Lost in translation: a.k.a. Conversations with kids

Olivia: My friends and I were playing the “Would You Rather” game. Let me ask you a question.

Me: OK.

Olivia: Would you rather date a boy who’s handsome and stupid, or average and stupid? 

Me: I think you’re missing the point of this game.

We bought Claus gourmet food for Father’s Day. That included fancy cooking fat from ducks and pigs, in nice bottles with cute labels. 

He likes to cook. This is our way of ensuring he continues cooking nice meals for us. So really, it’s a Mother’s Day and Girl’s Day present. 

He regarded the bottles with surprise. Probably because he’s never received (or given) lard as a gift. He says he liked it, but in that first second of silence, Olivia and I had to wonder.

Olivia used that microsecond of doubt to throw me under the bus. “It was Mom’s idea to get you fat!”

#loyalty. Thanks.

Diane Ako