Insult to husband becomes yet another running joke

We have a lot of running jokes in our family. Some families are musical, some athletic. I guess ours is humorous. We laugh constantly.

I borrowed a biography on Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I have an eclectic reading list. When I go to the public library, I look at what the librarians have curated on the front shelves under themed headings. If it seems interesting, I’ll borrow it.

I came home and told Claus about my books for the week. “Hey, I’m finally reading [comedian] Chelsea Handler’s book, ‘Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang.’” He said, “OK.” (Side note: I realized that to me, she’s only funny in small doses, so I didn’t like or finish this book.)

I continued, “And I also got a book about Ruth Bader Ginsburg.” That’s how I said it. Just like that. He gave me a blank stare that I interpreted to mean he didn’t know who she is.

My husband is intelligent. He keeps up on current affairs, as well. It surprised me that he wouldn’t know the name of a longtime associate justice.

Everyone knows of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. But, you know, I cut him some slack and didn’t give him a hard time for not recognizing her name immediately.

After giving him a couple seconds to respond to my Ginsburg book selection and getting the same empty look, I ever so kindly said, “The Supreme Court Justice?” Like, I wasn’t even sassy or disbelieving. I was super helpful, and pleased with how compassionate I was.

Claus was having none of it. He knew how to respond immediately to that one. His face screwed up and he spat out, “I know who Ruth Bader Ginsburg is!”

I laughed. A lot. “Sorry. So why did you stare at me like that, then?”

He isn’t sure. But he wants me (and you) to know it’s certainly not for lack of smarts.

Of course, we let Olivia in on the joke, as we do all the jokes. Now, whenever any one of us pauses a bit too long after being told something, the speaker will sarcastically define what was just said, even if it’s something as simple as “wedding. …That’s when two people get married?”

We hope if you ever overhear us in public you will realize we’re really not that uneducated. …That’s when you haven’t had enough schooling?

Ruth Bader who?