I cannot get away from sarcastic husbands (plural)

Work husband Paul Drewes has turned my name into a verb: Dianing. It means to cruise all day.

I had asked him what he’s doing on his day off, and he said, “Dianing. You know, relaxing or doing domestic chores.”

He said, because I was working that same day, I was “Pauling.” Because he thinks he works so hard.

OK, to be fair, he does. He’s always had a full time job.

I’ve had long periods of housewifery. BUT I DESERVE THAT!

And I don’t just Netflix all day. I nap, too, hello??

Then I get Olivia from school and let my husband handle homework. Ha! I DO SOMETHING!

In an unrelated incident, I was lying on the daybed telling my husband I was just SO tired. I’ve been through some rough times in the last five years. The latest streak is mourning my mom’s death at the end of March.

Claus is really great and understanding, but he has a very dry wit. That dry wit underscores our relationship but it also is a key factor in keeping us great friends. (It’s nice to like the one you love.)

He patted my head and said, “It’s OK. You just rest.” I wanted to hear that permission. It made me feel less guilty about lying in the daybed for nine hours through the light of day.

And then, the kicker. He added, “Although, it can be habit-forming. It’s OK to get up and do something pretty soon.”

<eye roll>

I get the same treatment at home. I go from home to work and I get the same sarcastic husband prototype. I know how to pick ‘em.

He has no sympathy for my busy day off.

He has no sympathy for my busy day off.