Husbands who are not stubborn

My husband does not want email access on his smartphone. Claus survives by text and actual phone calls.

He says it reduces temptation to look at emails when he's away from his desk. He thinks people are addicted to their phones and it's not healthy. When he says "people" he means me.

Because of that aforementioned assumption that I live and die by my phone, he assumed I had it in the car when we were driving somewhere. "Can you take a photo of this check* before I deposit it in the bank?" he asked.

"I don't have my phone," I answered.

"What?!" he responded with surprise. "Fine, I'll take a photo with MY phone and then text it to you and you can email it back to me so I can have it in my digital files."

It was my turn to "what?!" him back. That has to be the dumbest solution. He takes a photo, sends it to me, so I can send it back to him?

He also doesn't know how - or like to - sync his smartphone with his computer to get the photos off. You can't be surprised about that by now.

So this is his weird little system.

I agreed to help him, but I first suggested he set up email on his phone. This is not the first time I've ever asked him to do that, but once again, he declined.

Incredulous that he would rather go this circuitous route, I clarified, "I will set up the email FOR you but you still don't want your email on your phone?"

"No," he said with finality.

Exasperated, I asked, "Why?"

"It's just easier," he said.

He could feel my eyes staring at him as he continued to drive, and after a pause, laughed at the ridiculousness of that statement.

Sure. It's easier.

Men. So stubborn.

*European friends, kindly do not laugh at the concept that we still write checks in the US.