Human vs. dog: who’s training whom?

My friend had to give up his dog, Kali, so I fostered her for a few days while we searched for her new home. I love the dog and wanted to keep her, but she doesn’t get along with my dog.

In the end, my dear neighbors adopted Kali. They are even better animal people than I am*, so this is a great situation.

*I say “I” because I’m the only bleeding heart adult in our family. My husband is nonchalant about having any pet. I’m bonkers for animals.

The neighbors live directly across me, and it’s pretty convenient: I can take her out in the day for walks and company (so she’s not alone while they are at work). I think of us as Kali’s buddies, or maybe like a version of dog day care.

Unfortunately, because our houses directly face each other, Kali watches us from her porch all day, and when she realizes I’m home, she howls and whimpers until I go over.

She doesn’t howl for Claus because it doesn’t work on him and she’s figured that out. She ain’t dumb.

It just breaks my heart to know she’s lonely. I know she will get over it, but Claus says to stop going over every time she whines because she’ll never learn to stay home alone in the day.

I hate the crying, so I’ve started modifying my own habits. I hide from Kali.

I condense a trip to the front yard with several errands, not just one at a time. I know, I’m ridiculous, sneaking around my own house.

So yes. I have been trained by not even MY dog, but the neighbors' dog. I'm a sucker.