Haiku for Mom

Heaven's grocery store:
Doubles and rainchecks honored,
good specials daily.

Having good times now,
you and Mitzi Hirose-
crafts, coupons, Costco.

No need plastic bags.
The afterlife has no dust,
no germs, no insects.

"Buy one, get one free."
Spend money to save money-
Can't go wrong with that!

Bruce Lee, movie star.
You had a big crush on him.
Have you met him yet?

Mom, you have passed on.
Sofa slipcovers are off.
You would have a fit.

Dad went off the rails.
Fish, cat, birds, plants, dinners out.
You would have more fits.

Dad had Coke at lunch.
It wasn't even Diet.
Won't listen to me.

Bumped into an ex.
Want to tell you about it!
I miss our gossip.

Olivia's dance!
I think you watch from above.
You would be so proud.

Silly Mommy.

Silly Mommy.