My absolute most favorite person in the world turned eleven this week. She had a nice day.

Olivia had some quality Daddy time in the morning, and then we played with her presents in the afternoon. She said she had a good day.

I can't believe we've been parents for over a decade now. When I think about life before Olivia, it seems like a faraway time. I can't even relate anymore.

I've structured my entire lifestyle around her, and any consideration of time always involves child care or quality kid time. I don't do a lot on nights and weekends because I'd rather hang out with her while she still wants me.

She is a very good girl. I have enjoyed every phase of her life, but I've really liked the last couple of years. She's independent yet innocent, and still likes us parents. I like when she wants to talk to me.

One of my favorite things to do is sit next to Olivia at night while she falls asleep, if she will have me. Before, it was a given, but since she hit 'tween-dom, it's not.

I like to sit by her, hold her hand, and feel the weight of her next to me. It's quiet and peaceful, and I like to look at her resting. She is so beautiful to me.

She is my heart outside my body. She is my everything.