Does mental age 21 mean you can see R movie?

"I want to see Blockers," Olivia requested. It's a comedy about three parents who try to block their daughters from having sex on prom night.

I had just seen this trailer when Martha and I went to Game Night. "Yeah, I do too! What's the rating?" I responded.

"R," reluctantly answered my ten year old.

"No," I immediately said.

"But Mommy!" Olivia whined.

"Sure. You can see it. In seven years," I retorted.

This kid is too smart for my own good. "I took a You Tube test for my mental age. It says I'm 21," Olivia cajoled.

"And how did it derive that?" I pressed.

She gave nonsensical answers, which wouldn't have helped her case even if they were sensible. I'm not taking her to a movie about rooster blocking. If she can't figure out the euphemisms in this paragraph, she doesn't qualify to see the movie.

Anyway. She won't need to see the movie. In about five years, she'll be living it.

You're WHAT blocking?

You're WHAT blocking?