Diagnosis: The Dwindles

I have The Dwindles. That's a nickname my friend Mari Fran told me about. That means in mid life, your energy and everything else dwindles.

I'm wondering if it's directly proportional to the number of years I've been a parent. Ha!

I've talked to some friends in their 40s and asked if they, too, have low energy. Some have kids, some don't. Some are married, some are divorced. It's a range.

We think it's a combination of age and stage of life; in addition to parenting, in your 40s, you're often at a peak position in your career and have a lot of responsibility.

At work yesterday I shot three stories, wrote two that aired that day, and then wrote another couple for future run dates. Not to mention postings I did for the website.

I think some of my issue is definitely a senior staffer productivity thing. I like to do a lot, I can do a lot, and then hours have passed and I've spent all my energy.

Also, being a mom. Olivia is at a week-long camp. (Kamehameha Explorations, if you're familiar.) Love her as I do, I've had a lot more energy now that I'm not constantly responsible for another human.

But to be honest, I think being in my 40s does mean I'm less energetic than before. I might be aging well, but I'm still aging, right?

Just so you know, if you ask me to hang out and I say no, this is often the reason why. Either I'm Dwindly already or think I might get Dwindly so I want to avoid it. This is why, Nicole and Kat, I had to decline your kind invitations to go out after the newscast.

What do you think? Have you got The Dwindles? How do you un-dwindle yourself?


Cat with Dwindles.

Cat with Dwindles.