Danish accent confusion, part II

The Danes pronounce the Vs and Ws differently than English speakers. Their Vs sound like Ws and vice versa.

Our friend Christian has a thicker Danish accent than my husband Claus. Here is a funny miscommunication that happened this week:

Christian: "You know how Olivia wants to go Howard University?"

Me: "Howard?"

Christian: "Yes, Howard."

She's been saying for about a year she wants to attend Harvard University, but I didn't realize she'd changed her goal. I support her choice of either school.

Me: "...The historically African American school?"

Her desire to attend Harvard OR Howard comes out of the blue since we don't speak much in everyday life about either institution, though it's thrilling she wants to aim high, as both are well regarded.

Christian: "Oh, no. I guess I'm not saying it correctly." (Strong attempt at enunciation) "HARVARD."


Diane Ako