I got my mother's ash

Olivia and I wear memorial pendants with my mother's ash inside. There's a teensy little space for a pinch.

They're discreet and you'd never know what it was if we didn't tell you. Mine is a heart. Olivia's is a dolphin.

We don't wear it all the time- partly because I'm afraid the locket isn't watertight, so we take it off before showers or the beach. I don it for special occasions, like for Olivia's recital. "I'm wearing Popo today," I told Olivia. "She'd want to come to your performance."

At this aforementioned show, my dad attended, too. He heard me saying that to Olivia and asked what we were talking about. I explained about the pendants.

He was very curious about how much can fit, how I got it the ash that tiny opening, what other designs there were, how it closes (screw-top), etc. After some minutes of discussion, the conversation seemed finished. But I guess he was still mulling over this new information.

I turned my back to do something else, and I heard him comment, "Wow, you have your mother's ash."

I was wearing tight jeans and paused. What did my dad just say?! My dad is looking at my what?


Also, it's out of character for him to say something pervy like that. So again, What??

I turned around and asked, "What did you say?"

"Her ash. Nice, that you wear it," he responded, tapping the place on his neck where a pendant might sit. He was touched by the gesture.

I was relieved I misheard him. Yes, I have Mom's ash.